What to Major/Minor in for Med School?

A lot of people wonder what they should major or minor in to be a successful and competitive medical school applicant, but the truth is it really doesn’t matter. Your college years are the last real time you have to dedicate to your personal interests and studies before everything in your life becomes MEDICINE.

With that said, you should major in whatever your passion is, if that be science, then that’s totally fine, if it’s art, social sciences, or business, then that’s okay too! Personally, I pursued a liberal arts major and everything worked out fine for me! Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  1. DO NOT major in something that doesn’t hold your interest

You are going to be working at this degree for at least four years. If your heart is not fully into what you are studying, then you are going to be miserable.

2. DO NOT major/minor in things because they sound cool/sophisticated

I know a lot of people who wanted to triple major and minor in so many different things so they could sound smart. Not only does this take A LOT OF WORK, it also doesn’t really mean anything if it’s not what you truly wanted to study.

3. DO major is something that is easy for you, if it interests you

There has been a HUGE trend in pre-med majors being Psychology or Sociology along with fulfilling the necessary pre-requisites. Sorry, this is not due to the fact that a large number of students have instantly gained interest in the social sciences, sorry to my soc/psych friends. 😦 Although, I’m sure some do have a general interest. This is because these majors are relatively easier (obviously this can vary between people and institutions) to get a 4.0 and higher grades. Having a 4.0 GPA for a medical school application can only work to your advantage so think about this when you’re weighing between that Mechanical Engineering degree or the Psychology degree.

4. DO finish your degree with flying colors

No matter what your major is, finish it, go hard at it! There is nothing medical schools love more than devotion, because any doctor can tell you that medicine is a career for the DEVOTED. So if you are going to be a business major, graduate with honors, join the business club, even make a startup, or if you’re going with biology, do research, learn more, and expand your horizons! NO KNOWLEDGE IS EVER WASTED!

Do you have any tips/thoughts on what to major in? Leave a comment below, let’s hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading!


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