#GIRLMEDTWITTER accounts to follow in 2017

So, #girlmedtwitter is the best group of people in the planet! Okay, I could be a little biased here but am I lying lol? Here are some of my favorites on social media!

Here are my top 3!




Talk about the OG of OG’s. She has one of the largest, if not THE largest following on social media among all med school accounts. Needless to say, she is worth the hype! I have DM’ed her personally on Twitter/SC and she has responded quickly and only with her most honest opinion. She never hesitates to tell it how it is and is an aspiring psychiatrist!



Aka, Dehra McGuire, love her because she came up with the BuzzFeed quiz “Which member of #girlmedtwitter are you?” Which if you haven’t taken that quiz, I will link it here! https://www.buzzfeed.com/mcsexymd/which-og-girlmedtwitter-account-are-you-2qmit She attends to OU College of Medicine, BOOMER SOONER, and is an aspiring ENT!



Her tweets are hilarious and very honest. I believe that we are probably long lost sisters. She is kind of a hopeless romantic, yet a strong, independent woman nonetheless. She is an aspiring cardiologist with a heart of gold!

Okay, so looking for more people to follow to join this fabulous #girlmedtwitter network? Follow me @carefreemedgirl on Twitter and all other social media for updates and stay connected to see the other bloggers and vloggers I feature on my blog! Thanks for reading!




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