How to Make a Vision Board

The new year is here! HELLO 2017!

I was watching a YouTube video yesterday and the vlogger I watch showed the vision board she made for 2017. I thought this was a really cool idea and thought I would make one too!

So, here is the video above, you might have to skip the first five or ten minutes to see it!

Okay, so my vision board is still in the works, but when it is complete I will for sure post a picture on Instagram/Twitter for you guys to see. In the mean time, I thought I would give an instructional on how to create a vision board!

  1. Brainstorm – think about all of your ideas and goals you want to pursue in the future (these can be long term goals as well, not only for the current year), so for my meddies, you could put a picture of a hospital or if you want to pursue a specific specialty you could put a picture of that part of the body. These do not only have to be medically related, the girl in the video put a picture of the car she wanted to drive in the future and a picture of someone who was her #bodygoals, so it can be everything that inspires you!
  2. Narrow It Down – unfortunately depending on the size of your board, you probably will not be able to fit every single dream you have on the board, so you will have to choose the most important ones – focusing specifically on education, career, lifestyle, fitness, etc.
  3. Plan It Out – think about how you are going to orient the images on your board, Do you want to have a specific color scheme? Do you want to have words or just pictures? Where are you going to hang it? How big does it need to be?
  4. MAKE IT – so now you’ve got the vision and a board, so let’s get it together! Start cutting and pasting and decorating and DIYing your way to best life you have ever imagined and don’t hold back!

Here are some other important questions to ask yourself while making your vision board that can guide your creativity!

  • What would your ideal or dream life look like to you?
  • What have you always wanted to do, be, or never started?
  • What brings you joy and happiness?
  • What type of person do you want to be?


A vision board is nothing without a plan and purpose to execute everything you put on the board. It may be visually appealing and beautiful, but girl, no one gets their dream life by just laying around! You have to get up and go get it, the vision board is just their to keep you motivated! Studies show that people who write down and visualize their goals are not only more likely to complete them, but are more likely to complete them quicker than those who do not!

So let’s get creative, tell me what you think about this idea, and if you want to see similar things like this on the blog! Let me know how your vision board is going and if you make one post it in the comments or on social media and tag me @carefreemedgirl in the pic!


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