Blogger Spotlight: Love and Scrubs



Name: Anne

School: none currently

Previous University: The University of Texas at Austin

Degree: Bachelors of Science: Honors Human Development and Family Science

Specialty (if you know or what you are interested in):Primary care but still keeping an open mind

Social media/blog:

Instagram: @loveandscrubs_



In a nutshell, what inspired you to pursue medicine?

Growing up seeing family and friends being afraid to seek healthcare because of the costs motivated me to pursue a career where I could help eliminate healthcare disparities. Being healthy is such a basic human right, and it is unfair for some people to not have access because of what they don’t have in their wallets. As a child, I would observe my parents count every dime to see if we had enough money to go get a check up, and work day and night to pay off medical bills. Through those experiences, I found myself participating in a Global Medical Brigade and Volunteer Healthcare Clinic so that I can actively contribute to providing healthcare for the underserved communities. As an aspiring physician, I hope that one day I can see patients based on their illnesses rather than how much they can pay.  

Why do you feel that there is a need for diversity in medicine and how you hope to help this change in the future?  

Diversity is so important in medicine to encourage open-mindedness, empathy, and advancement. There is so much that a person can contribute to the healthcare field based on the culture they are raised in. With collaborations between physicians from all walks of life, we can take on many different perspectives, solve problems, and take steps in advancing medicine together. Additionally, diversity is important because in America, where there is a great melting pot of all kinds of people, there is no doubt physicians will be seeing many patients of different backgrounds. Physicians with the ability to empathize and understand their patients can provide lasting quality care.

Who do look you look up to in medicine/life, who are some of your mentors, or people that you would consider your #goals and why?

There are so many people that I look up to for inspiration, motivation, and guidance. Among them includes my parents, doctors I have shadowed, and physicians I have read about. My parents, although not involved in the medical fiend, have provided guidance during my moments of doubts and unconditional love. Their support has been the force behind my desire to be a doctor. I’ve shadowed many physicians during college and all of them have a unique story about their journey to medicine. I’ve met doctors who had everything work out the way they expected, and I’ve met doctors who had to take detours and work hard to be where they are today. Their work and dedication to medicine inspires me work hard and never give up. Finally I have two public figures that have been so inspiring in my journey to medicine – Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Paul Kalanithi. I read Dr. Ben Carson’s book when I was in middle school and was captivated by his unwavering faith and perseverance through all his adversities. His humble and kind attitude inspires me to be a physician who seeks to serve those most vulnerable. I recently finished Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s book, When Breathe Becomes Air, and was so moved by his efforts to see his patients as human beings rather than a checklist. In a fast-paced environment such as medicine, I hope to never lose my sense of compassion and treat patients with the utmost respect.


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