Careers in Healthcare Spotlight: Physician Assistant


Name: Chad Milton

School: University of Toledo College of Medicine (Physician Assistant Program)

Previous University: Wayne State University

Degree: BS in Psychology

Specialty (if you know or what you are interested in): Emergency Medicine or Urology

Social media/blog: 

In a nutshell, what inspired you to pursue medicine? One thing that inspired me to pursue medicine was seeing the homeless and how they were treated whenever they seek treatment due to lack of insurance. I believe everyone should receive the same health care no matter the status of individuals.

Why do you feel that there is a need for diversity in medicine and how you hope to help this change in the future? I’m actually doing research on why there is a need of diversity in medicine so once I collect enough information I will be able to answer this question more precisely.

What is one thing you wish you could change about medicine? The way money influences how someone can be treated.

Who do look you look up to in medicine/life, who are some of your mentors, or people that you would consider your #goals and why? I look up to Dr. Tweedy, Dr. Flake and Dr. Squier. I consider these individuals #goals because they each overcame obstacles and odds stacked against them but they never gave up.


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