#whitecoatbody How to Get Killer Glutes

Okay, 2017 is underway and for many of us Spring Break season is creeping in…about 6 weeks away! So, everyone wants to have that perfect body and there is not much transformation you can do less than 2 months for a swimsuit. However, there are a few moves in particular, that I have noticed have a quick turnaround time as far as body sculpting and toning go. I did thee workouts for two months last year (June and July) and was very impressed! Along with a combination of protein shakes and weight lifting, I was able to really tones my glutes and get a round, bubbly back! 🙂 Ladies, you know what I mean here, HAHA.

Here are the moves I did, along with instructional videos for each! I aimed to do 50 of each every day, well actually 5 days, because I only worked out on weekdays (Mon-Fri). The key is consistency, so don’t give up. YOU WILL BE SORE, take days off when you need them. Everyone’s body is different, so you may get these results or not, or you may get better ones. I hope to continue this segment with other targeted parts of the body, so stay tuned!


  • KNEE-TOE CLAMS (she does this move at 1:13)

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