Guest Blogger: Kimia and Medicine

BIG NEWS GUYS! I have partnered with the amazing Kimia from “Kimia and Medicine” on Instagram to be a guest blogger on my site, yes I know, so exciting! She will be writing monthly posts on various topics as a contributor to ongoing posts on the blog. Her first post will come out later this month, but to begin I have asked her to write an introduction so you all can get to know her! Presenting KIMIA…. *insert audience applause*  🙂


My name is Kimia and I am a first year medical student from A.T. Still University in Arizona! I decided to attend medical school due to my fascination with lifelong learning and healing. In the future I hope to work in an underserved area addressing health disparities in medicine and incorporating osteopathic techniques in my practice. My journey to medical school was not traditional but it serves as an example of determination, passion, and tons of coffee. Follow me along at @kimiaandmedicine and make sure to check where I will be guest blogging about tips on surviving medical school, life updates, and much more!

Let’s start with how I ended up where I am:

College life: I always knew I wanted to go to medical school. I got my first stethoscope at age 3 and to this day I still keep it in a box of memories under my bed as reminder of why I spend countless hours dedicating to my studies. To prepare for medical school I majored in Biology with a minor in women studies (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the humanities).  Both my major and minor classes were TOUGH. I came to my university as one of the top students in high school but ended up as a small fish in a big pond of even bigger fish. I worked hard, obtained my degree, but I just did not feel absolutely ready to apply.

Post-Grad Adventures: I know that some of my grades were just not acceptable for medical school so I decided to enroll in a postbaccalaureate program. These programs along with “Special Maters” are programs offered by universities and medical school so that students can take upper division sciences to help raise their undergraduate GPA and receive mentorship opportunities along with MCAT assistance! But I couldn’t live off top ramen (as much as I enjoyed it during college) and so I worked at a research journal start-up company. When I had completed my post-bac requirements I was ready to take my MCAT, once, twice, THREE TIMES! 2 years, 3 MCAT scores, and 24 units later I was finally ready to apply!

Why Osteopathic? As I mentioned before I am an osteopathic medical student. What does that mean? It means that my classmates and I go through traditional medical school but also learn additional techniques to heal the body. For example, just recently I learned how to drain the sinuses which has been perfect, especially now that it’s flu season! I personally chose to only apply to osteopathic schools because I was interested in these additional techniques and felt as though the osteopathic tenants (basic principles that osteopathy is built upon) fits perfectly with my values as a future physician.

Medical School Shenaningans: As many of you have heard or experienced, medical school is not easy… but every day I learn something new about myself, patient care, and the body as a whole. Every day I am thankful for this privilege and strive to be the best physician I can be for my patients. I could not have come this way without the help of my family, friends, and peers. I am hoping to share my experiences so that maybe it can help those seeking medical school and support those already in the field of medicine. Comment down below and share where you are in your journey towards medicine!

Until next time,

Kimia E.


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