Nature’s Bounty Vitamins – REVIEW

Hey guys, back with another review! This time it is on the Nature’s Bounty Women’s Multivitamins Gummies and the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies.

I have been taking this time for a while now, I am on my third set of bottles, so it’s been almost three months. The multivitamins and the HSN both are 2 gummies per dose. Also, I guess I should have put this as a disclaimer, but I am still a medical student NOT  a licensed medical professional, therefore you should consult with a physician or other healthcare provider before you decide to take any medications. 🙂
Previous Vitamins:
I used to take the One-A-Day Women’s vitamin, or maybe it has the Teen Advantage vitamin? But, it was the one that came in a bottle with a pink lid and had pink pills. As a supplement, I used to take a Walmart brand HSN vitamin with a Biotin supplement. I stopped taking them simply because I hate swallowing pills and since gummies vitamins seem to be on the trend (finally, I wish this would have happened when I was younger) I figured that I could relieve myself of my swallowing misery.
Side Effects:
I did not experience any side effects with these vitamins. I personally would recommend taking them after a meal with a glass of water. This is a good way to go about taking most medications in order to avoid stomach upset.
The vitamins taste great! Trust me guys, I am a super picky eater. The multivitamin is raspberry and the HSN vitamin is strawberry. Those are actually some of my favorite fruits so it was a win-win for me! Unfortunately, these are the only flavors the vitamins come in, so if you don’t like strawberries or raspberries, sorry guys. 😦
Okay, so before I start on this, here is another disclaimer, none of these results that I have experienced are scientifically proven or marketed by the producer. This is just what happened to me and not everyone may experience these results.
Multi – Definitely feel an energy boost when I take a vitamin at the beginning of the day, the vitamin supplies all the major supplements (A/C/D/E/B6/B12) and calcium, iodine, and zinc in small amounts. Actually, going back over the label, the vitamin doesn’t have anywhere near as much supplements as my last vitamin had, but it also depends on what you need. Occasionally, because of my health, I do take an iron supplement, but this particular vitamin does not contain Iron, so if you are looking for certain minerals be weary of that. A special thing about this vitamin is that it is supposed to support energy, immunity, and bone health, and I can vouch for the energy part. (This review is getting a little long lol, so I’ll do a separate post about vitamins for different needs like energy, brain boost, etc.) 🙂
HSN – Okay, this vitamin is good, it is worth the price and results. I am African so I have coarse hair texture, prone to dryness, etc, y’all know! My hair grew at least 1/3 to 1/2 inch over the 2 months I was taking the vitamins. Which for me, not gonna lie, is decent growth, but from my last vitamin results were much better, like 1/2 to 3/4 inch. I will say that there are a variety of factors influencing these results like being in medical school, and the WHOLE well-being/self-care element, or lack thereof that comes with that. I keep my hair in protective styles, because I’m lazy, need A’s, and y’all I just don’t have time for my natural hair. So, I needed a vitamin to strengthen my hair while I was trying to strengthen my knowledge (trying to be funny, don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny). This vitamin has A LOT of biotin beware, biotin can cause breakouts in some people, so drink lots of H2O!
Okay, looked up from the keyboard and this post is over 600 words, so I need to stop. Let me know if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas! Thanks for reading!!!






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