Save on Starbucks NOW with these SIX awesome hacks!

So, I visit Starbucks pretty frequently, especially if it’s test week! A typical drink that I would get like a while chocolate mocha can cost about $5 for a grande, and even the tall comes pretty close to that too. On a broke medical student budget, that really isn’t that affordable, nevertheless it is really hard to explain to your parents when they don’t understand all the hype behind Starbucks. So I’ve experimented and through trial and error, I have been able to come up with a few hacks that will get you a little more bang for your buck at Starbucks!

Latte for Not a Latte (not a lot, ay!)

Order a grande coffee for $2.10 or any size and add syrups for about .50, then add in your own milk from home or the coffee station, and voila you have a latte that is double the size for half the price! This is by far my favorite hack!

Utilize the Refills

Select coffees are eligible for .50 or so refills when you bring back the cup, be sure to save your cup if you think you could be coming in again later in the day. Unfortunately, this does not apply to specialty beverages that we all love like lattes, fraps, etc.

  • They have to be either hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, or iced tea.

How to get a Venti for free?

Ask for your grande drink in a venti cup so you have room for milk, whipped cream, or other things that you want to add in! Typically, if you get a grande they would portion it so it fits in the cup, but with a larger cup, you will get more for your buck.

Feeling a little tropical?

Try any tea or iced refresher with coconut milk for a sweet and smooth finish! It will also have your drink looking very beachy and Instagram worthy, #pinkdrinkteam where ya at? Also note that coconut milk is often extra, so this one is more of an aesthetics hack lol.

BYOC = bring your own cup

Bringing your own cup to Starbucks can save you about .10 a drink, which may not seem like a lot now but it does add up in the future. Plus, why not carry your drink around in the cute tumbler you already own instead a boring white cup.


I know it seems really overrated, but guys it is totally worth it, getting a gold card can save you money, especially if you are already going to Starbucks. Might as well get rewarded for it, right? You get a free drink every 125 stars and you would be surprised how fast those add up!




I hope I was able to save you a dime or two, or maybe even more! Thanks for reading and as always leave your comments, thoughts, etc. down below, have an awesome day!


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