How to Create An Entertainment Budget as a Professional Student

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As a professional student or college student, you are often living on a tight budget, with very little wiggle room. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live under a rock for 3-4 years while you get your degree. Students want to have fun, too! I came up with a few tips on how to have a vibrant weekend life, while staying on top of your books during the week, here are a few of my tips, let me know what you think!

  • Types of Entertainment Activities to Budget for:
    • Birthday/Celebration Dinners
    • Movies
    • Concerts
    • Professional Sports

**There are a lot of other activities that people can do on the weekends, that you can include here depending on what you like to do! I just included the activities that are most relevant to my and students in my area. 🙂

In a monthly budget, it is wise to a lot about $100 a month for entertainment, this can be plus or minus $100 dollars depending on what you do in a weekend, and your location. In the south, you could probably get a super-packed month of activities for $100, but on the coast maybe more because of urban areas and cost of living.

Eating before you go to events can help you save money because food at events is ALWAYS expensive, so that’s any easy way to save $10-$15 bucks. Also, parking is a quick way to lose money, so try to use Uber, streetcar, or any transportation option that your city. A lot of entertainment districts have parking fees on the weekends and at nights.

Birthday/Celebratory Dinners:

$15 – $30: depending on the restaurant + tip + transportation


*luckily where I live, there is a nice theater where movies are $7 dollars, but if we go to a nicer dinner type theater, it would closer to $13 dollars/

$7 – $15: if you see movies on Sundays or other off times, they can go as low as $4


*this depends on what type of music you listen to, the artist, the location, etc.

$25 – $75: you probably shouldn’t be looking to buy floor seats when you are a professional student because that will definitely break the bank…

I try to get tickets when they first go on sale because they are cheaper, since they have not been bought and are being re-sold (resale tickets are always more expensive). I also listen to popular music so these concerts are more expensive as well.

Professional Sports:

*this category will be pretty similar to the concerts, depends on the sports, location, season, popularity

soccer: these tickets are normally cheaper, probably $25-$45, where I live the team is okay, not super good, but not terrible, tickets are cheaper in the middle of the season, and if you’re team goes to playoffs they will get more expensive

basketball: NBA tickets are generally pricey, if your team is the Warriors, sorry those are always going to be out of your budget, if your city has a D-league team, these will definitely be more affordable

hockey: in the Midwest, hockey is popular so they are decently priced, but I would definitely say students can afford to go to hockey games, in the South, I could bet that most people don’t even know their city has a hockey team, so those are cheaper

baseball: baseball games are really fun in my opinion! Tickets are definitely affordable if you avoid peak times during the season, as soon as your team makes playoffs these tickets literally will triple, so go to baseball games NOW while you can lol

Here’s a sample of my weekend activities for a month:

Week 1:

FRI – Birthday Dinner

SAT – Birthday Dinner

SUN – church, study, yoga

Week 2:

FRI – Graduation Party

SAT – Concert

SUN – church, chill, clean

Week 3:

FRI  – Test Weekend

SAT – Test Weekend

SUN – Test Weekend

Week 4:

FRI – movie

SAT – run errands, clean

SUN – baseball game


Okay, so I hope this post was helpful guys, let me know what you think or if you have any other tips for budgeting for entertainment!



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